Why is Supply Chain Important?

Your supply chain is basically a set of independent businesses connected together via the services or products that you sell. They should individually and/or collectively add value in order for you to sell them to your customer. It’s very much view that is the business that combines them to create the value to its products or services and provides them to its clients.

Over the last three decades, globally company management has experienced deep changes and development with the changes in technology and best practices. Over the last number of years, a lot of ways of doing business have been contested and many new ideas and strategies have been created, one of them are business procedure re-engineering, strategic direction, lean thinking, agile production, supply chain management is unquestionably among these that are changing.

Fresh and nicely developed management procedures emerged and quickly developed across all businesses around the globe.
The First appearance of this term ‘supply chain management’ as we understand it now printed in online and offline could be tracked back into the early 1980s.

However the early books of supply chain management from the 1980s were mostly focused on buying and cost reduction associated tasks. The significant development within supply chain integration and supplier-buyer connection came in the 1990s when supply chain as we understand it now was slowly established.

A strategy is no longer sufficient to provide the company with competitiveness. Now managers need to understand their
that their businesses are just a part of a distribution chain that they are engaged with and it’s the supply chain that loses or wins the competition.

Therefore the success of any company today is no longer solely determined by its ability to compete but instead on the ability to collaborate within the supply chain. It is for this reason that gives rise to the need for supply chain management and software like Intuendi to help you take full advantage of your supply chain.

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