Fill Rate

Fill Rate

A company’s fill rate, or fulfillment rate, is the percentage of orders a company is able to complete and ship before running out of stock entirely. Take a look at a previous Intuendi Fill Rate article to understand the fill rate calculation, the difference between service level and fill rate, and the benefits of knowing […]

Inventory Turnover Ratio

Inventory Turnover Ratio

It is imperative to the system of operations that businesses take note of what stock is selling and how quickly. This helps businesses assess the efficiency of their inventory management, demand forecasting, and marketing strategies, allowing them to make any necessary adjustment to improve their sales. The way in which this is usually calculated is […]

What does Deadstock Mean? Your Guide to Avoiding It

Deadstock packages

The above image provides a somewhat accurate depiction of a common issue in the supply chain and logistics industry: the excess of stock, often referred to as deadstock. The main problem surrounding deadstock is one that all businesses aim to avoid – the loss of money. This occurs in multiple forms, whether as a result […]

What is a Purchase Order?

As a buyer, a purchase order is one of the important documents needed to help track a transaction between your company and the seller that you are purchasing from. The benefits brought about by the use of a purchase order include: the tracking of expenses and budgeting, as well as creating a seamless flow of […]

How to Manage Perishable Inventory

Perishable Inventory

The supply chain world is seeing an increased demand for improved planning of perishable inventory and how to manage it. Perishable inventory can be referred to products, goods, or stock that deteriorate in value in direct proportion to their expiry date. In layman’s terms – goods with a short shelf-life that lose their value after […]

What is Excess Inventory and How to Manage it

When sales are up, business is peachy. But when they’re down, oh man! You’re not just dealing with a drop in sales—you’re dealing with excess inventory that could turn into dead stock. While every production-led business might have its own headaches, one they’ll always share is inventory. There is no secret recipe to inventory success: […]

How E-Commerce Can Make a Difference with Sustainable Inventory Management

Companies worldwide are making the stride to go green, meaning they are making decisions in their daily operations that will benefit the environment in addition to achieving their goals. There are numerous areas to consider for making these sorts of conscious business decisions. Lean and Green Business considers, “one crucial aspect of business that is […]

ABC Analysis for Inventory Management 

What is ABC analysis? ABC analysis (ABC Classification) is an approach for classifying and controlling inventory items. The raking depends on their consumption value throughout materials and distribution management. ABC analysis classifies a wide range of inventory items such as raw materials, components, parts, manufactured end products and unfinished goods. ABC analysis is based on […]

How to Manage Your Inventory in Shopify?

Over 800,000 stores are available on Shopify – one of the top e-commerce platforms globally, over 200 million online shoppers are visiting Shopify-powered stores and the platform recently reached $100 billion in sales. If your online store, your buyers, and your revenue are included in the numbers mentioned above, we have a comprehensive guide for […]

What is Fill Rate and How Can You Calculate It?

Since you are reading our article now, we are almost certain you are operating with a just-in-case inventory management system and maintain a full inventory. And the fill rate is a metric that will provide valuable insights on how reliable you are for your consumer as a supplier and how professionally you manage your resources. […]