Purchase Order: What Is It and How Does It Work

Purchase order logistics

Following on from our previous article about Purchase Orders, here is an example template of what a purchase order would look like. What Does a Purchase Order Look Like? Take note of all of the attributes explained in the previous example: The header, vendor’s information, ship-to information, the order details, a summarised notation of the […]

Lead Time: Definition, Types and Examples


Lead time refers to the period between a project’s initiation and its completion. However, the project’s start and end differs from situation to situation, and is thus defined by the industry and context of the process. The lead time for a manufacturing company might include the steps from the procurement of the raw materials, production, […]

What is a Purchase Order?

As a buyer, a purchase order is one of the important documents needed to help track a transaction between your company and the seller that you are purchasing from. The benefits brought about by the use of a purchase order include: the tracking of expenses and budgeting, as well as creating a seamless flow of […]