Demand Forecasting: Basics, Importance, and Techniques

demand forecasting

Demand forecasting, helping businesses to make informed stocking decisions based on research on consumer trends and demands, is a necessity in optimising inventory management. This article will be assessing and explaining the importance of demand forecasting, the different ways in which to forecast demand and the steps taken to achieve this, as well as how […]

What is a Purchase Order?

As a buyer, a purchase order is one of the important documents needed to help track a transaction between your company and the seller that you are purchasing from. The benefits brought about by the use of a purchase order include: the tracking of expenses and budgeting, as well as creating a seamless flow of […]

The Container Crisis: How It Happened and What to Do About It

The current issue with container shortages has impacted companies since the start of the pandemic—the lead times for purchase orders have increased dramatically and further delayed shipping times for customers’ orders. As a result, businesses have felt the influence of this crisis on their sales, margin, and customer relationships. While this shortage has been consistent […]

What’s in Stock for Wine & Spirits eCommerce

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, local and national businesses are witnessing what will most probably be known as the largest consumer migration towards purchasing online since the times of the world wide web creation. As consumers found themselves locked in the intimacy of their own homes with limited access to their usual brick-and-mortar eating, […]

What to Expect in eCommerce after Covid-19

As lockdown restrictions are being lifted around the globe, businesses begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet the world to which we offer our products and services today is completely different from the one we used to know before the pandemic. The eCommerce industry is now seeing a major reshuffle […]