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Demand forecasting made easy with Intuendi.

Intuendi Demand Forecasting Software provides you with an automatic demand forecasting functionality. Stay ahead of demand, prevent out of stocks and excess inventory: our forecasts will help you avoid undesired costs and save time and money.

Thousands of forecasts

Do you have to manage a lot of SKUs? Maybe you’re searching for something automated and smart, something that can collect your data and gives you forecasts in a few minutes, something that saves you from endless manual forecasts and from errors. Intuendi is the tool you defintely need.

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Insights on future sales

Your products are speaking to you each time you look at their sales, get the chance to understand it at all. Intuendi provides you useful insights of what is underneath the surface, in a fresh and friendly UI. Browse by category or location, see your products list, find every information you need about your business performances. With Intuendi you’ll get the best out of your data.

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High Quality

You have to be confident when forecasting your demand, that’s why a Machine Learning tool has to guarantee high quality. Few months of sales or long time series, it doesn’t matter. Intuendi demand forecasting software puts quality everywhere because better quality means better decisions.

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Dozens of saved hours

Is not only a matter of quality or doing boring things: when the high quality meets automation, then better decisions can be made in a shorter time. The remaining is all yours, and you can invest this saved time in other core activities. And if you want to simulate new scenarios, you can use our collaborative forecasting and review our predictions. Everything will be even more powerful now.

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Take Your Business to The Next Level!

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Why your company needs a demand forecasting software.

Are you a Manufacturing company?

Speed up your production cycle with an accurate estimation of the demand. Make better decisions improving the supply chain efficiency and see how it affects your inventory turnover.
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Or an eCommerce site?

See the forthcoming trends for your products and SKUs and avoid out of stocks and excess inventory. Plan the selling strategies on your eCommerce website according to our sales forecasting.
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