Demand Forecasting Software

Demand forecasting made easy with Intuendi.

Intuendi Demand Forecasting Software provides you with an automatic demand forecasting functionality. Stay ahead of demand, prevent out of stocks and excess inventory: our forecasts will help you avoid undesired costs and and save time and money.

Import your data

Upload your catalog to our system. Insert your products arranged by categories and their sales/demand history. You can break them down by geography, customers or channels: our software will analyze your data and generate forecasts according to your catalog hierarchy.

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Demand Forecasting Software Import

Browse your data

You’ll find all your data in a fresh and friendly UI. Browse by category, see your products list, search everything by name or SKU. Navigate your catalog up to the region/customer/channel level. You’ll get all the historical data in both aggregated and single view: if you select a category, you’ll find the demand history for all the products that belong to it. At every point of your navigation you’ll get the best out of your data.

Demand Forecasting Software Browse Catalog

Generate forecasts

This is what you need: automatic demand forecasts for your entire product catalog. Generate demand and sales previsions for a single product on a single region. Discover how much are you expected to sell for your most important category, and how many items you will have to stock to satisfy demand needs for a specific channel. You will generate all these values with just ONE click. At the end, forecasts will be ready to export and be used to make better decisions.

Demand Forecasting Software Generate Forecast

Override, if you need it

Does your sales or marketing team have knowledge of an event that is not included in your data? Do you want to take into account a new scenario that has never happened before? Use the override function to suggest a new forecast value and refine our predictions. When you have done, then save override: everything will be even more powerful now.

Demand Forecasting Software Override

Take Your Business to The Next Level!

Boost your business with

Why your company needs a demand forecasting software.

Are you a Manufacturing company?

Speed up your production cycle with an accurate estimation of the demand. Make better decisions improving the supply chain efficiency and see how it affects your inventory turnover.
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Or an eCommerce site?

See the forthcoming trends for your products and SKUs and avoid out of stocks and excess inventory. Plan the selling strategies on your eCommerce website according to our sales forecasting.
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