Orchestration and automation of your entire demand forecasting.

Stay ahead of the game with our top of the class demand forecasting. Our Machine Learning and AI technology predicts the most accurate demand forecasting for each SKU-channel pair. Intuendi saves you time and reduces error prone and time consuming tasks.

Best in class forecasting

Forecasting by experts

State of the art Time Series analysis techinques, enhanced by years of experience and tests, gives you the most innovative technology for a best in class forecast. Our AI engine learns from your data and quickly reacts to demand changes to build your plan with confidence.

Promotions & marketing

Promotions, holidays, marketing budget. Intuendi not only analyzes your sales history but combines it with other external factors to give you a realistic scenario of your future demand. Complexity exists at every business, we have found a way to simplify it.

Fit every purpose

Get our intelligent forecasting to discover trends and seasonal patterns, and use the collaborative capabilities of Intuendi to re-define the future targets with all your teams. Our unmatched flexibility shows insights and data at every level, dimension, and breakdown.

Get accurate
forecasts — everyday

Our Machine Learning and AI technology predicts the most accurate demand forecasting for your entire catalog. A better forecast starts with us.


Designed to turn your actions
into a stroke of genius.

Advanced forecasting for forward-thinking businesses.

Smart Visualization

Complete flexibility to see your sales and forecast data as you wish. With the capabiity of unlimited levels views, build your desired breakdown for any kind of analysis. Slice&dice units and revenues from the most granular level to the top and get all points of observation for your anlysis.

Forecasting Strategy and Context

Forecasting algorithms and models that considers all the variables associated with your data. Our technology will select the best parameters, external factors, promotions, and events to put the most effective strategy forward. Your business is unique, we discover what is right to make it grow.

Collaborative Forecasting

Endless possibilities to include your teams input with our advanced settings. An easy to use feature that allows forecast overrides at every level of your data. A smart, simple and powerful tool to enhance all your teams collaboration and give weight to the items and channels that matter the most.

"The software is easy to use, saves a lot of time which can be better invested, the inventory graphics are really helpful.”
Juan Raul, Casa de las Baterias
Juan Raúl Gómez
Regional Procurement Manager, Casa de las Baterias

Integrated like an orchestra

Intuendi provides Demand Forecasting software

Here to help you, also to understand

What is Demand Forecasting?

Demand Forecasting predicts future customer demand over a period by considering historical sales data and other analytical information such as promotions, calendar events, seasonality, and more.

3 main reasons to Forecast

Forecasting your future demand is key for: developing data driven strategies to invest wisely, setting measurable short-term and long-term goals, growing and expanding into new markets and introducing new products.

Objectives of an AI Forecasting tool

The main objectives of an Artificial Intelligence forecasting tool are to increase demand forecasting accuracy with respect to the standard statistical approaches and free the demand planners’ team time to focus on other tasks.