With us your data will start to play a symphony.

Intuendi is the innovative leading player in the market of demand planning solutions. A top of the class software suite, combined with a team of experts, working to make your planning the key to your company’s success. Music to your ears.

Grow revenue and drive results with a proven process, and the most experienced demand planning team.

Account setup and Data exchange

Seamless integration with your tools to build the data set, and the flexibility to extend it directly on our platform for a better data management.

Forecast, Inventory and Orders tuning

Selection of the forecasting strategy and the external factors that impact your sales. We run benchmarks and identify the optimal parameters for the best performance.

Advanced features

Built to handle every complexity: raw materials and finished goods, multi-echelon distribution, and the capability to optimize the space of the freight to reduce cost and risks.

A beginning-to-end platform to
grow your business

Account setup and Data exchange

Our Machine Learning technology to generate the highest quality forecast.

Inventory Optimization

Get real-time estimates of your inventory status to avoid risks of stockout and overstock


Our complete purchase order management for a faster and unmatched purchasing workflow


The state of the art time series analysis, combined with years of experience in demand planning and an innovative technology provides a best in class forecast.

Our AI engine learns from your data and applies external variables to uncover what is underneath the surface of sales, and quickly reacts to demand changes to build your plan with confidence.

Inventory optimization

Make sure best-sellers are always available and slow-moving products do not accumulate into excess stock.

Our real-time estimates of the inventory status, combined with supplier’s lead time and purchasing constraints, suggest the right replenishment in the right location at the right time. There is no complexity that we can’t tackle.


Generate and use our suggested Purchase/Vendor, Production and Transfer Orders to accurately plan the replenishment of needed products, materials and components, at the right quantities and time.

With just a few clicks you’ll get pre-packaged optimized suggestions, grouped by vendors and ready to be sent to your suppliers.

"Intuendi has been a game-changer for my supply chain management. The accuracy of demand and inventory planning with Intuendi has been impressive, leveraging advanced algorithms to generate accurate forecasts and optimization recommendations.”
Matt Crist
Demand Planning Manager, Wells Lamont

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Forecasts made weekly
SKUs processed monthly
Planning error reduction