Inventory Optimization Software

Increase your profits by eliminating unnecessary inventory costs and release precious working capital into your business.

Real-time understock report

Intuendi ensures your business always has the right level of inventory at the right time to improve stock availability and prevent lost sales. Get real-time estimates of your stockout risk and maximize customer satisfaction.

A better service means more customers!

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Inventory Optimization Software - understock

Overstock analysis

Optimize your inventory levels and identify items in overstock. By taking into account future demand, stock on hand, lead times and desired coverage, Intuendi will reduce excess inventory and prevent dead stock for products with a planned end of life.

Free up capital locked by excess stock!

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Inventory Optimization Software - Overstock

The insights on your inventory that make the difference

All the information you need at a glance so you’ll always know how much optimized your stock levels are. See the global understock and overstock status and discover the next steps for growing your business, even if you work within purchasing budget constraints.

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Inventory Optimization Software - Inventory Status

Optimize your inventory

Prevent stockouts and excess inventory with Intuendi.