Inventory Forecasting & Optimization. Reimagined for your business.

    • Accurate demand forecasts in seconds, powered by Machine Learning
    • Automated overstock analysis
    • Real-time stockout risk report
    • Smart purchase order suggestions
    • Process thousands of SKUs with just ONE click
  • No installation required, just your web browser

Reduce inventory costs, increase your service levels and drive your business growth.

Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization Software

Smart decisions lead to successful businesses. Intuendi provides a Machine Learning based solution for an accurate and effortless demand forecasting and inventory optimization. Identify your optimal stock levels, know what products need to be re-ordered, when it’s time to replenish and how much you need to stock. Maximize your ROI by preventing lost sales and reducing excess inventory.Read More …

Forget about lost sales and make your customers happy.

Demand Forecasting Software

World-class Forecasting

Forecast your product demand with our Machine Learning Engine and get insights on your business growth.

Smart Purchase Orders

What, when and how much? Never been so easy. Your new purchasing assistant.

Inventory Optimization Software

Inventory Optimization

Find your overstock products and get a real-time stockout risk analysis. And much more.

Better planning, no out of stock, more sales.

Cutting inventory costs while increasing sales? Yes, it’s all true. Staying ahead of demand and optimizing your inventory are key to success: with Intuendi you can prevent out of stock, make your customers happy and get more sales. Solve inventory management challenges using our innovative solutions, save hours of work by automating time-consuming tasks and focus on what really matters. Your business.


“Thanks to Intuendi’s intuitive AI and simple UI, we cut dozens of hours a week manually analyzing our data and save thousands of dollars a month in software costs.”

Thomas Matzner
Senior Manager, BECCA Inc.

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