The right stock in the right place at the right time

Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization software.

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Omni-channel demand planning

Omni-channel commerce makes it challenging to effectively manage the inventory across all of your channels. Intuendi helps you stock in the right place the products your customers will buy and suggests the actions needed for maximizing sales. Learn more

The right product in the right place at the right time.

Replenish smarter

Timing makes the difference when it comes to managing your inventory. Prevent lost sales with our real-time purchase order suggestions and make your customers happy: we tell you when it’s time to replenish and how much you need to stock.
An enhanced inventory management your business will love! Learn more

What, when and how much? Never been so easy.

Maximize the ROI of your purchase orders

Get the most out of your next inventory investment: Intuendi finds the most profitable products to buy with your fixed budget and helps you increase margins and sales. Then, plan your replenishments with our multiple-scenario simulation and know in advance the ROI achievable with your next purchasing budget. Learn more

Hitting your sales targets? Now you know how to do that.

World-class predictive analytics

Drive your business growth with better estimates of your future sales. No need to waste time on poor and tedious forecasting tasks, our AI will do it for you. We’ll give you the best experience, too: Intuendi provides a Machine Learning based solution for an accurate and effortless demand forecasting. Learn more

Advanced forecasting for forward-thinking businesses.

Inventory optimization

Reduce inventory costs and free up capitals locked by excess stock: Intuendi helps you improve the stock availability and raise the service levels by identifying items in overstock and estimating the stockout risk. Meet your customers demand with lower inventory investments. Learn more

Unleash your business potential.

Our success stories

Tannico - Logo

“Our buyers use Intuendi every day to estimate inventory needs, so we know what and how much to buy to keep our standards high and make customers happy.”

Cristiano Pellegrino

Case study
Becca Cosmetics

“Thanks to Intuendi’s intuitive AI and simple UI, we cut dozens of hours a week manually analyzing our data and save thousands of dollars a month in software costs.”

Thomas Matzner