Demand Forecasting Made Easy.
And Better.

  • The Demand Forecasting Software for your business
  • Generate accurate forecasts in seconds, with just ONE click
  • Discover when it’s time to reorder
  • Increase revenue and reduce inventory costs
  • Prevent out of stock and excess inventory
  • No installation required, just your web browser

Save time and money, forget spreadsheets and traditional methods. We outperform them.

Demand Forecasting Software

INTUENDI is a demand forecasting software designed to take your business to the next level! Find out how our demand forecasting software will help to optimize the operations of the supply chain aspect of your business by using powerful strategic capabilities to make your demand and supply decisions a key competitive advantage. Forget spreadsheets and traditional methods. We outperform them in more than 71% of cases. Read More …

Increase revenue in your business and reduce inventory costs.

You can now improve in both efficiency and effectiveness in your supply chain performance.

By using INTUENDI Forecasting Solutions, you will achieve the organizations top priorities of: improved services, customer satisfaction and cost containment and become a pacesetter in your industry.


Forecast Your Demand To Eliminate Supply Chain Challenges.

Intuendi offers businesses the best opportunity of adjusting to the new normal by solving anticipated supply chain challenges which involve: increased consumer expectations, expanded customer demands and rising pressure imposed by the competition. Our software will help you to coordinate all conflicting processes in supply chain planning to achieve your sales goals and give your customers 100% satisfaction.

Get Your Reorder Points.

You will always know when to reorder products and raw materials. Our technology will take into account stock levels, lead times, service levels and everything needed in order to calculate the reorder points for all your inventory items.

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