Shopify inventory forecasting, how we help

Intuendi is about producing sharper sales & inventory forecasts along with major inventory savings for all Shopify users. Our focus is Shopify inventory forecasting, and Shopify revenue forecasting made easy!

What is the Shopify inventory forecasting challenge?

For years the accuracy of sales and inventory forecasting lagged behind and for any e-commerce business using Shopify your sales and inventory forecasting is key to your overall success and growth of the business. Shopify is not designed to be a sales and inventory forecasting software solution, so when it does comes to demand forecasting Shopify has limited capabilities.

So at Intuendi, we are working with Shopify clients that lacked efficient systems to account for adjustments in demand spurred by marketing promotions. Sales promotions that were not closely aligned with the demand-planning and marketing teams, thereby resulting in inadequate inventory.

So how do we help with Shopify inventory forecasting?

At Intuendi we set out to apply machine learning, software and advanced modelling analytics to improve the client’s forecasting capabilities. Our software has the ability to optimize the selection of forecasting algorithms by looking at seasonal influences while also taking into account trend-related factors. Then for marketing and sales promotions, we are looking to develop a new approach using advanced algorithms, separating demand into base and promotional components, which helped to improve the ability to anticipate likely sales uplift.

We have found that clients working with our Shopify inventory forecasting solution see improved coordination among marketing,
sales and demand forecasting resulting in boosted revenues due to better fulfilment.

So in summary, if you are working with Shopify and our Shopify inventory forecasting solution you should see more accurate forecasting and leaner inventories. We see that with Shopify inventory forecasting with improved demand planning Intuendi are enabling our clients to satisfy their customers while achieving greater sales.

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