Inventory Forecasting Software Equals a Demand-Driven Company?

Why is inventory forecasting software essential or critical to your company, it comes down to the following questions.

1: Is your company trying to be more demand driven?

2: Do you need to increase your forecast accuracy?

3: Do you also need to agree on your inventory forecast to drive your supply chain planning processes and purchasing decisions?

4: Do you need insight to improve how you manage your product lifecycles, promotions, and other events?

Then step in Intuendi inventory forecasting software, as our inventory software enables you to sense real demand time, improve inventory forecast accuracy, and shape the overall demand for company profitability. The result is a demand-driven organisation with higher service levels and sales, more satisfied customers, and lower inventory and distribution costs. Now, who does not want that?

Inventory forecasting software has a role in understanding inventory demand and then to respond to uncertain and variable inventory demand you need to ensure that all demand signals are captured at the right level of detail, leverage that inventory demand and its underlying correlations and factors that influence the inventory demand patterns.

Inventory forecasting software enables you to arrive at a single, precise inventory forecast that is optimised for your company and your inventory spend. The goal of the inventory forecast is that it aligns all your company and people enabling you to be more inventory demand-driven and less reacting. The key to Intuendi inventory forecasting software is built-in inventory analytics and flexible business process automation capabilities allowing a wide range of day-to-day decision making with real-time demand intelligence which is critical when driving inventory optimisation.

Inventory forecasting software from Intuendi enables you to sense demand from multiple data sources including point of sales and e-commerce data and analyse your inventory demand data at various levels to understand the detailed behaviour of your inventory demand. Such information provided by our inventory forecasting software improves your ability to predict the exact response of your inventory demand and enables demand shaping activities – programs and events designed to stimulate sales and grow market share for individual products or groups of products.

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