Inventory Forecasting Software, Why Do Our Clients Use Intuendi?

Inventory Forecasting Software sounds simple enough, so why would any company use software for forecasting inventory? Well, we asked our clients and here are a few of their points as to why they selected Intuendi as their Inventory Forecasting Software solution.

Some of their key challenges were:

  • their current legacy system was not meeting their growth demands;
  • they had limited control and zero forecasting of inventory;
  • overall there was a lack of visibility across the company on their inventory, demand and forecasted demand;
  • naturally, there was an overreliance on manual processes and inventory forecasting or demand planning;
  • limited or no automation for forecasting inventory demand.

We went on to ask what were the benefits both strategic and financial from implementing Intuendi inventory forecasting software, and here are some of the key benefits:

  • now have the ability to forecast more significant order volumes with current customers and meet them within their service levels or fill rates;
  • the ability to scale up for new customers without a huge investment in inventory;
  • greater and more accurate inventory control, planning, and forecasting covering every aspect of demand planning;
  • more-efficient warehouse operations with better demand planning and inventory forecasting;
  • Intuendi provided a single, reliable source of information when it came to forecasting future inventory demand;
  • overall improved decision making through rich reporting and real-time visibility of data and future inventory demand.

So that is why they looked for an inventory forecasting solution, but why did they select Intuendi as their inventory forecasting solution ?

  • At the heart, Intuendi provides a core inventory forecasting solution that enables business growth.
  • Intuendi delivers intuitive and customisable user interfaces built around the business and their requirements.
  • Intuendi forecasting solution presented as a robust inventory planning and management functionality.
  • Most importantly Intuendi staff had the right mix of know-how, reputation, and customer service!

So why not see for yourself and click here for our inventory forecasting software today.

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