Why Shopify Demand Forecasting is critical

Using Intuendi for Shopify demand forecasting improves your sales while reducing total inventory, it is that simple and Intuendi are here to help.

Do you still lose hours and days to manually adjust your Shopify demand forecast to account for promotions, stock outs, and other causal factors? You can easily save your time with Intuendi Shopify Demand Forecasting, which uses Machine Learning methods to understand your Shopify historical demand into pieces, each of which corresponds to factors such as the time of year (seasonality, holidays) or down to promotional event characteristics.

Intuendi’s Shopify self-learning forecast engine leverages all your history, attributes and other causal factors to eliminate noise from your Shopify data and continuously improve the forecast over time. With this approach and Intuendi Shopify Demand Forecasting, you can accurately forecast baseline and promotional demand, to improve in-stocks while reducing your total Shopify inventory. At the same time, you can improve your Shopify sales/margin by making better assortment and price/promotion decisions through a more detailed view of cross-item demand.

Intuendi Shopify Demand Forecasting offers a new and modern view on forecasting, extending the power of Excel, which links all aspects of your Shopify data (assortment, space, price and fulfillment) into a portal and software application. This will enable Intuendi and our Shopify Demand Forecasting software to use Machine Learning to uncover the underlying drivers of your Shopify demand and generate more accurate forecasts that go way beyond your current approach.

With Intuendi and Machine Learning, your Shopify Demand Forecast will not only get an initial improvement when you go live, but the precision continues to improve over time as your Shopify demand forecast learns more and more.

Reach out we so can show you how our Shopify Demand Forecasting solution can improve the profitability of your Shopify business.

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