Demand Forecasting Software Equals Inventory Optimisation?

In virtually every industry and country, companies are now challenged and pushed with higher customer expectations, tighter regulations, changing market dynamics and even the pressure coming from Amazon to compete – all of which are forcing them to re-examine and turn to demand forecasting software to help them forecast and manage inventory demand.

Yes, it is true that process is a little more complicated than merely installing demand forecasting software and forgetting about it. Demand forecasting software like that from Intuendi are complicated and as we develop the technology within our demand forecasting software is becoming increasingly sophisticated. However, we are aware that while demand forecasting is essential, it is not the total solution to your demand forecasting.

Today, successful inventory demand forecasting requires a multichannel, multilevel approach that exploits and explores every opportunity in your supply chain hence the need for demand forecasting software like Intuendi if you are looking to make the most from your supply chain and really look and invest in inventory optimisation.

As inventory optimisation does 100% require demand forecasting software, it also requires more than the “set and forget”. Inventory optimisation needs your demand forecasting software to take into account the various, often subtle factors that can affect the success or failure of the supply chain and lead to the success or failure of your inventory optimisation strategy.

The most significant push for demand forecasting software and inventory optimisation is the increasing demand and change that e-commerce and changing customer demand has on your business. Forecasting demand can no longer be a weekly or monthly activity, it now needs to be daily if you want to embrace inventory optimisation, hence the requirement for technology and demand forecasting software like that from Intuendi.

So any business that wants to have the ability to generate a nearly instant inventory forecast that can be applied the same day which is increasingly essential to strengthening the bottom line, gaining market share, keeping inventory lean, and continually meeting and exceeding customer expectations needs to look at demand forecasting software from Intuendi.

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