Why Your Business Will Stumble Without Intuendi Demand Forecasting?

While Intuendi inventory demand forecasting software can predict demand forecast, but we cannot 100% manage it for you and your company. Sometimes the supply chain process is too sophisticated and variable to be managed entirely by our inventory forecasting software. For example, what if our inventory forecasting software issues a forecast and the person responsible for your supply line doesn’t believe that forecast? That manager will not use the information to make decisions. As in most areas of business, a human element is at play – one you must address, coax and coach to make demand management work. By the way, this is something that at Intuendi we help you with, how to manage the results that are generated from our inventory forecasting software.

“True competency in demand management comes from human judgment, integrated business processes operated by knowledgeable people and skillful execution.”

Demand forecasting and demand management encompass much more than following our inventory forecasting predictions, although Intuendi inventory forecasting software will enable the process. Demand forecast, planning and management is a cycle that is built on planning demand, communicating demand, influencing demand and prioritising demand. Taking demand forecasting and demand management means aligning with your sales, marketing and supply teams. It requires your firm to do more than report and forecast demand. Demand forecasting and especially when you are using technology that like from Intuendi it opens the opportunity to sell and promote with the goal of stimulating consumer buying.

“The essence of demand management is being in control of the future by creating demand, influencing customers and the marketplace, and responding to changes in the marketplace.”

Sorry to say that without a handle on demand and your demand forecast, your business will stumble. You can’t serve customers if you don’t have sufficient goods. Your clientele won’t wait forever for your products, especially if they can turn to other outlets. Scrambling to produce something that you didn’t expect to have to make costs extra money and time. When excess product builds up as inventory, that’s a signal that you could have put its cost to better use. Investing in demand management and demand forecasting software like Intuendi is a substantial step in bolstering your reputation, your ongoing relationship with your customers and your market share.

So take that first step and discover how the Intuendi Inventory Forecasting Software works.

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