Navigating Black Friday and Christmas Demand Peaks: a Winning Strategy for Cash Flow Stability

In the fierce and gleaming realm of luxury jewelry and watchmaking, Guzzi Gioielli has stood out as a beacon of excellence and craftsmanship since its founding in 1990, when Leonardo Guzzi, the company’s founder and CEO, began this extraordinary entrepreneurial journey. With an emphasis on quality and innovation, this champion of elegance in Gasperina, Catanzaro has captured the hearts of customers near and far. Now, with the help of Intuendi AI, Guzzi Gioielli is poised to revolutionize its operations and take its business to new heights. This case study will explore how Intuendi AI has empowered Guzzi Gioielli to optimize inventory management, enhance customer experience, and drive growth in the vast and ever-evolving world of luxury retail.

A New Dawn and Commitment To Innovation

A significant achievement was reached on July 21, 2003, when Guzzi Gioielli expanded and transcended into new territory with the opening of a new center at 214 Via Nazionale in Montepaone Lido (CZ). Since its inception, Guzzi Gioielli has consistently provided a blend of expertise, trustworthiness, and excellence, solidifying its reputation as a respected and esteemed brand in the domain of jewelry. On December 10, 2017, Guzzi Gioielli opened its third store in Soverato (CZ) at 141 Corso Umberto I, as part of the brand’s expansion and growing reputation. Acclaimed for their quality, elegance, and professionalism, Guzzi Gioielli’s new store has become a notable attraction in the province. With the support of their children, the brand continues to thrive while upholding their family values. With the same dedication and sophistication, Guzzi Gioielli has ventured into the digital world to meet the demands of their customers and stay current with market trends. Their website offers a curated selection of jewelry and watches, maintaining the brand’s commitment to excellence in a digital format that is elegant, user-friendly, and personalized for their clientele. Under the current leadership of Managing Director Eugenio Guzzi, supported by COO Vitaliano Battaglia who heads mid to long-term supply strategy and profitability analysis, remains at the forefront of innovation while sustaining a rhetoric of excellence.

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The Challenge

Guzzi Gioielli has experienced a remarkable 140% increase in annual revenues over the past two years, due to the visionary leadership of Eugenio Guzzi and Intuendi’s strategic support in executing his ambitious expansion plans. This year, Eugenio and Vitaliano faced the challenge of maximizing the impact of the Black Friday & Christmas demand surge with a limited budget, all the while maintaining growth and profitability. Undaunted, Guzzi Gioielli and the experts at Intuendi worked together to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy. In this case study, we will examine the manner Guzzi Gioielli’s innovative approach has been endorsed by Intuendi’s rigorous data analysis, leading to streamlined operations, improved cash flow and product availability. Their success is demonstrated by impressive results!

“This year has been extraordinary for us, and we feel that we owe much of our success to you. Thanks to your software, we have met and exceeded our planning goals, significantly improving the efficiency of our production processes.”

Vitaliano Battaglia, COO

The Strategy

Four main priorities were deemed essential to reaching the desired objectives:

  1. Target products with the highest margin.
  2. Reduce the average Purchase Order (PO) value by increasing the frequency.
  3. Enhance visibility on the “Best time to order” to optimize ordering decisions considering payment terms.
  4. Increase the number of available products (SKUs).

Focusing on Top Performers

Leveraging historical data analysis and Intuendi’s embedded BI and predictive analytics features, Eugenio concentrated on the best-performing brands and categories. This targeted strategy ensured that resources were allocated to products with the highest potential returns.

Optimizing Purchase Order

Eugenio and Vitaliano adjusted the demand planning variables utilizing Intuendi’s data-driven decision-making platform to suggest smaller, more frequent purchase orders, improving cash flow and inventory levels. The impact of these changes can be seen in the graph below. The reconfigured settings led to a more balanced distribution of purchase orders throughout the observation period, reducing the maximum monthly spend as a percentage of the total spend to 34% in 2023, down from 43% in 2022. Additionally, the maximum monthly spend decreased to only 4.1 times the minimum spend, compared to nearly 12 times the minimum in 2022.

The updated distribution had a greater impact on the ratio of Purchase Orders Value to Revenues, keeping it more consistent at a level between 11.5% and 38%, compared to the wider range of 5.7% to 48% in 2022.


By utilizing the cash flow, Guzzi Gioielli was able to enhance its service levels and expand its product offerings in the catalog by an average of 25%. This increase in SKUs allowed for a wider range of products and improved availability, ultimately satisfying customer needs more efficiently.


The outcome of these adjustments led to a 17.5% increase in revenues, a 19.4% decrease in total PO values, a significant 36.4% reduction in peak buying levels, and an overall profit margin increase of nearly 12%.

By putting these tactics into action, Guzzi Gioielli effectively overcame obstacles, sustaining steady growth and boosting profits. This example showcases how thorough data analysis and efficient operations can increase cash flow and product availability, leading to substantial business achievements.

“We are confident that, thanks to our continued collaboration and your valuable support, we will be able to successfully tackle challenges and reach new milestones.”

Eugenio Guzzi, Managing Director

The combined efforts of Guzzi Gioielli and Intuendi’s AI-powered leading demand planning solutions seamlessly ameliorated challenges to herald significant company growth and profitability while driving innovation strategies in a largely competitive sphere. Synchronized data was truly music to Guzzi Gioielli’s ears.

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