Why Demand Planning and Forecasting is Key

Ever changing customer demands are volatile and evener hard to deal with when you do not have demand planning and forecasting software like Intuendi. When you can actually forecast it, it becomes infinitely more difficult. In a supply chain scenario, demand planning and forecasting is key that helps keep the business together, to function and keep your customers happy.

Most of your inventory and future sales demand forecasting questions can be answered through demand planning and forecasting and even better with demand forecasting software like Intuendi, making it easier for you to reach your goals while cutting down on supply chain cost and your investment in inventory. While demand planning in supply chain management has been around for quite some time, but the last few years it has taken a turn with the development of demand forecasting software like Intuendi.

So before going out and contacting Intuendi for its demand forecasting software, what are the benefits?

1. Improved in-stock availability-all season ready stock

2. Better view of demand swings that you can use in building more effective marketing strategies.

3. Cohesive, seamless relationship between all tiers of the supply chain, leading to greater visibility of processes.

4. Better revenue, through fewer stock-outs and improved customer service levels.

5. Reduced overstock and wastage of stock.

6. A framework and infrastructure to adapt to regular market changes.

7. Better inventory assortment and allocation across all stores and channels.

8. Improved productivity across all tiers of supply chain.

Your demand planning reflects how closely you know your customers and their expectations, so get to know your customer with demand planning and forecasting software. Demand planning and forecasting software like that from Intuendi can be easily integrated into existing your existing systems and provide reliable feedback have become a necessity to any growing business.

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