Integrations with Intuendi: Shopify

Now you can connect your Shopify store with intuendi.

Shopify Integration

If you’ve got a Shopify store, you can use the integration to streamline your data and add the Intuendi technology to your system. Add Intuendi to your online shop and we’ll automatically access to your catalog and sales data: an effortless way to empower your business with our world-class forecasting and purchase order suggestions.

Inventory Mangement and Forecasting for Shopify

Intuendi helps your Shopify store to boost sales and prevent stockouts.

Easy sync

You don’t need to generate your data, Intuendi keeps all of your catalog and orders info in sync with Shopify.


Improve your estimates by using our sophisticated forecasting engine. The best of our Machine Learning technology for your Shopify shop.

Smart suggestions

Optimize your inventory: we’ll suggest what, when and how much to reorder to make your online customers happy.

Ready for the next step?

Visit the Shopify App Store and add Intuendi to your shop.