Integrations with Intuendi: NetSuite

Now you can connect your NetSuite account to intuendi.

NetSuite Integration

Intuendi now provides native integration with Oracle NetSuite, the world’s most used cloud ERP solution. If you’ve chosen NetSuite for your company, this is great news: you can now connect Intuendi advanced services to your ERP and improve the effectiveness of your Supply Chain.
Demand analytics, sales forecasting, inventory optimization and purchase orders management: we have everything you need to speed up your business growth.

Inventory Forecasting and Optimization for NetSuite

Intuendi integrates with NetSuite to improve your inventory management.

Seamless data exchange

Intuendi can access your items data, sales history, purchase and transfer orders to provide you with the best inventory analytics.

World-class predictive analytics

Intuendi Machine Learning engine gives you a sophisticated demand forecasting by considering the factors that will affect your sales.

Valuable suggestions

Give the production the right input about your future inventory needs and replenish your stores with the right quantities that will meet the customers’ demand.

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