Manage Demand Planning in an omni-channel world

Provide your customers with a better shopping experience, regardless of which channel they choose to shop via.

Omni-channel inventory optimization

Omni-channel shopping extends from brick-and-mortar locations to mobile browsing, ecommerce marketplaces and everything in between.

Intuendi helps you stock the right product in the right place at the right time and improves your decisions regarding retail and wholesale distribution as well as operations across all of your channels.

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Omni-channel Demand Planning

Easy data management

Omni-channel commerce adds new complexity to the supply chain management and makes it difficult to do inventory management effectively.

Intuendi syncs and merges data coming from all your channels and suggests the actions needed for maximizing sales and growing your business.

There are no networks that are too complex to be improved.

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Omni-channel Easy Data Management

We have everything you need to make your business data actionable.

Standard connectors and custom integrations, all help Intuendi integrate with the most popular platforms and tools. Contact us today and discover how we support your business.

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Data Source Integrations

Solve the omni-channel challenges

Learn more about our Omni-channel Inventory Optimization solution and grow your company with Intuendi.