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Intuendi Sales Forecasting Software provides you with an automatic sales forecasting functionality. Use our forecasts to predict how your margin will behave in the future: this will help you understand your business and invest your money in more valuable strategies, trying to maximize the profitability.

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In a demand forecasting software, it’s enough to predict how many units you’re going to sell in the next months. In this case, with the information about the purchase (or manufacturing) price and the selling price of all of your products, you will have a larger overview of your system, in terms of units, costs, revenues and last but not least, the margin.

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Sales Forecasting Software - The purchase and selling price of a product

Take a look at your products’ history

You’ll find all your data in a fresh and friendly UI. Browse by category, see you products list, search everything by name or SKU. Navigate your catalog up to the region/customer/channel level. In each view, you’ll be able to analyze the past history of your products, as an example, you can check out the margin between the costs and revenues.

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Sales Forecasting Software - Margin in the history

Get insights on the future

The most important thing: automatic sales forecasts for your entire product catalog. Generate sales previsions for every single product on every region and channel. Discover how much you are expected to sell for your most important category, and how your margin will evolve during the next months or weeks. You will generate all these values with just ONE click. At the end, forecasts will be ready for export and being used for making better decisions.

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Sales Forecasting Software - Revenue forecasting with margin

Understand your margin

Can you guess why analyzing your margin forecasting at a higher level is of crucial importance? All the products summed up, with different marginalities and forecasts, will provide you insights on what your overall margin is going to be and how your business will evolve. This way, you can uncover existing issues in your business or boost the products with the highest margin.

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Sales Forecasting Software - Margin

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