Why Inventory Optimization Software is Right for Your Business

Everywhere you turn people and companies are talking about the need to be leaner, faster to adapt and more competitive. This is not just the goal of CEO’s but also the goal of every purchaser and inventory manager out there. At Intuendi with know that if you want your company and inventory to be lean then the only way to do that is to get a better grip and understanding on your inventory and the best way to do that is with Inventory Optimization Software.

So why is Inventory Optimization Software right for your business and what are the benefits of Inventory Optimization Software?
Inventory Optimization Software and techniques can help you:

1. Boost Profitability by gaining real-time insight into inventory levels, order status, improve customer satisfaction, expand quality initiatives, and improve performance throughout the sales process.

2. Lower Costs by having the opportunity to realize the potential for a significant decrease in labor requirement, lower operating costs and reduced inventory levels in the warehouse—which can help make your business more competitive and becoming lean.

3. Improve Quality by betting things right the first time which leads to improved excellence and reduces your overall inventory investment—by avoiding unnecessary reorders caused by inaccurate knowledge of what’s already on hand. Improve performance through the use of data, information, and knowledge to understand variability and to improve strategic and operational decision making.

4. Focus on Continuous Performance Improvement with better performance using benchmarking, best practices and inventory optimization software, as you measure the right metrics to achieve your corporate objectives.

5. Offer Competitive Guarantees, yes that is possible with inventory optimization software. With a better understanding of your inventory, you can offer the lowest price or fastest shipping guarantees. Understand what markets and customers value, now and into the future, and use this to drive organizational design, strategy, products, and services.

So there you have it, inventory optimization software is more than just software to tell you how many widgets to buy and when. It is about taking your business to the next level, enabling you to focus on the items that deliver value.

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