Why inventory optimization software?

In today’s competitive online business environment, companies can ill afford supply chain inefficiencies. But if retail or Shopify stores are using outdated inventory management methods, it can be challenging to run a profitable and growing business.

To boost efficiency, run leaner, and drive down supply costs, many online and Shopify businesses are exploring inventory optimisation software like Intuendi. Our inventory optimisation software improves inventory targets to address the realities of today’s complex, ever-evolving global supply chains. Intuendi inventory optimisation software enables a collaborative approach that extends beyond organisational boundaries while helping businesses and their staff plan more accurately while delivering executive-level insights and reporting using a focused dashboard.

When we set out to develop our inventory optimisation software we had a goal to help businesses with real-world inventory planning scenarios and issues. Our tool seeks to leverage advanced machine learning and we feel must meet the following requirements.

Intuendi Inventory Optimisation needs to be Enterprise Ready

Many inventory optimisation software solutions fail to address the fact that supply planning is a collaborative activity that extends beyond enterprise boundaries. They are neither scalable nor capable of automating planning processes. What’s needed is an application like Intuendi inventory optimisation software that leverages machine learning at an enterprise level.

Intuendi Inventory Optimisation needs Flexibility

An inventory optimisation software solution like Intuendi needs to be flexible enough to accommodate industries as varied as consumer products, chemicals, manufacturing, and high tech. It requires reporting tools that can help validate, analyse, and improve industry-specific supply chain information regarding demand, supply, and production elements.

Intuendi Inventory Optimisation needs Built-in Intelligence

The ability to access data is important. But businesses also need to work with that data. An inventory optimisation software solution like Intuendi, then, must support robust analysis to help firms and owners understand issues involving forecast bias and accuracy, supplier uncertainty, schedule adherence, and more.
And this is why we built Intuendi Inventory Optimisation Software… test it out for yourself today!

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