Inventory Optimization Software to Improve Customer Service?

How do we see Intuendi Inventory Optimization Software, well, we sell our inventory optimization software as a comprehensive SaaS online inventory planning & forecasting solution that enables you to determine when and where to hold your inventories across the supply chain to achieve the desired customer service levels required by your business.

With Intuendi Inventory Optimization Software you can factor in criteria such as inventory demand variability and supply lead time variability when you need to make your inventory decisions. We very much see Intuendi inventory optimization software as a strategic business planning and forecasting tool that can help you address the following critical business issues:

  • How can I improve my customer service while reducing inventory?
  • How can I manage demand and supply variability?
  • What service levels can I achieve given specific budgets and other constraints?

How do our clients use Intuendi Inventory Optimization Software? Here are just some of the capabilities of our inventory optimization:

1. Intuendi Inventory Optimization Software uses the latest machine learning technology that enables our clients to factor in the supply chain network and interdependence of demand variability and supply lead time variability when generating time-phased stock recommendations and forecasts.

2. Intuendi Inventory Optimization Software enables you to evaluate multiple inventory planning scenarios.

3. Intuendi Inventory Optimization Software is key in driving tactical supply chain planning and forecasting decisions.

The success behind Intuendi Inventory Optimization Software is the results that can be achieved and here are just some of the achievements that our clients experience:

  • The ability to determine the optimal inventory levels across the supply chain, which improves customer service while lowering inventory investment.
  • Can now consider and review uncertainty in demand and supply.
  • See a graphical representation of your strategic inventory plan.

If you are wondering what inventory optimization software can do for your business, contact us.

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