Why Inventory Optimization Software to Grow Your Business

Many companies are still using demand forecasting or what they think inventory optimization approaches that are not sufficient for today’s global market and environment. The size of the market now makes it difficult to produce and adjust and type of demand forecast let alone look into inventory optimization – and virtually impossible to broaden even further the range of data used to create forecasts without any inventory optimization software.

Without inventory optimization software it can lead to some business issues, poor demand forecasting and increase the risk of missing market opportunities. To avoid such problems, e-commerce companies now need to start looking further into inventory optimization software such as Intuendi.

But, as with any powerful inventory optimization software tool, it is extremely important to use any inventory optimization software tool carefully considering several fundamental factors. Understanding and acting on these factors can help ensure better demand forecasts and a solid return on investment in Intuendi, Inventory Optimization Software.

With Intuendi Inventory Optimization Software, demand forecasting accuracy of our client’s increase: as our inventory optimization software’s use of demand forecasting models reduces manual efforts, errors and ability to feed more information, such as extensive historical data into demand forecasting models.

Intuendi Inventory Optimization Software makes it easier to produce a consolidated forecast for your business to drive supply chain planning processes. It also gives companies the ability to perform ‘what-if’ analysis to understand further the impact of demand and lead time.

At Intuendi we do know that each company and client is different. However, experience has shown us that the use of inventory optimization software forecasting tools can be highly effective if used in conjunction with integrated, well-designed purchasing processes. Such improvements can have a significant impact regarding overall competitiveness.

With better demand forecasting and inventory optimization software, companies can be in a position to sense and respond to changes in demand. They can improve the management of product life-cycles, promotions and other events. They can also create a demand-driven organization that enjoys higher service levels and sales, more satisfied customers, and lower inventory and distribution costs! So learn more about Intuendi, Inventory Optimization Software, today!

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