Inventory Optimisation Software, What Is Pushing the Demand for It?

How do we see inventory optimisation and the role of inventory optimisation software when it comes to business and your competition?

At Intuendi we understand and promote inventory optimisation software as a critical element when it comes transforming your supply chain into a source of competitive advantage. Even with inventory optimisation software, it is a challenge with enormous demand variability, elongated lead times, ever-shorter product lifecycles and continually shifting logistics cost scenarios.

As part of any strategy to maximise your supply chain performance, companies must continually manage a profitable balance among inventory service levels or fill rates, responsiveness, risk and inventory cost. All of this is not easy when you have inventory demands that are always changing.

These performance factors are primarily driven by how a company manages the supply chain and distribution, and where and how it deploys inventory. You can start to see the need for inventory optimisation software.

It should be no surprise to anyone that inventory management and also inventory optimisation, in fact, is perhaps one of the most critical aspects of a successful and profitable supply chain, especially in today’s e-commerce lead marketplace. Which explains the needs and demand for e-commerce demand forecasting.

Consistently and profitably delivering service level excellence across multiple channels is becoming more challenging and complicated for the not only the average business but also for the larger multi-national. To create greater efficiencies, more and more companies are adopting a scientific approach to inventory optimisation on an ongoing basis with the use of inventory optimisation software like that from Intuendi.

Why are companies looking at Intuendi inventory optimisation software? To lead and win the competitive market to need to replace traditional statistics, safety stock and spreadsheets with inventory optimisation software like that from Intuendi as the goal is to redefine your supply chain inventory performance for your advantage.

Inventory optimisation software is about eliminating inconsistency, ad hoc planning and individual problem solving with inventory optimisation, profit maximisation powered by world-leading technology.

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