Intuendi Now Integrates With Shopify

Companies run their businesses in many different ways. At Intuendi, we want to support companies of any size, so teams can improve their productivity designing tools and processes that work best for them.

And today we’re announcing a great benefit that e-Commerce business owners will have by choosing Intuendi.
We’ve integrated with Shopify, a global leader for ecommerce solutions that allows business all over the world to set up an ecommerce website and sell their goods online.

Shopify was involved in purchases by more than 100 million individual shoppers in 2016 and counts more than 400,000 individual retail shops and brands. Founded in 2004, Shopify workforce increased from 500 to 2,000 employees in the past two years and its revenue was $390 million in 2016, up almost 100% from 2015, with a projected growth of 50% this year.

The Shopify App Store collects more than 1,800 apps designed for many different purposes: accounting, marketing, shipping and fulfillment, social sharing, customer service and many other business needs.

Intuendi will enrich the category of apps focused on inventory management: its unique Machine Learning based technology will be available to all Shopify users that will enjoy all the features we built with passion by collaborating creatively with our customers.

How will the Shopify integration work?

Shopify users can get our world-class forecasting, advanced inventory replenishment and smart purchase orders in a completely automated and effortless way.

Just a few clicks and all our technology will be turned on: through the Shopify API, Intuendi retrieves all products and sales information needed for forecasting the future demand.

Product SKUs, product types and variants are used for understanding the user catalog hierarchy. Then, the order lines are analyzed for discovering how many units have been sold during the past.
Finally, the stock information status and some user-defined settings like lead times and days of coverage will provide us everything we need for performing our predictive analytics tasks.

Data updates will be on a hourly basis: this way our purchase suggestions will always be consistent with the real product stock evolution.

When will Intuendi be available on Shopify?

We’ve submitted our app and it’s currently under review: a few days more and Intuendi will be finally part of the Shopify App Store.
UPDATE November 15, 2017: Intuendi has finally been published on the Shopify App Store. Happy forecasts to our new Shopify users!!

See you on Shopify,
The Intuendi Team

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 Intuendi Team
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