Purchase Order Software

Your Purchase Orders in a click. Take care of your inventory. And of your time.

Automate your purchase orders

Have a cup of coffee while you’re reviewing which product Intuendi suggests you to replenish. Intuendi’s Big Data Machine Learning engine gives you high quality predictions and then the magic happens.

Take the predictions, mix in lead times, stock on hand, stock on order and puff! Purchase orders!

All that magic in a single click!

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Automated Purchase Orders

The right quantity at the right time

Demand forecasting gives you insights on what is going to happen. Then, Intuendi tells you when it’s the right time to replenish.

What about the quantity? Intuendi will suggest you the right quantity according to your replenishment policy.

Yes, that’s prescriptive analytics!

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The Right Quantity at the Right Time

Reduce out of stocks

If your inventory is optimized, you get the chance to avoid stockouts and this means no lost sales and no lost costumers as well.

You don’t want to lose even one sale!

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Reduce Out of Stock

Forget about lost sales

Drive your business growth with Intuendi.