Purchase Order Management Software

Smart Purchase Orders: get rid of time-consuming tasks and improve your supply chain management with Intuendi purchase order management software.

A faster purchasing process

Intuendi now provides you with a complete purchase order management functionality for a faster and unmatched purchasing workflow.

Manage your locations, assess inventory needs, create POs and send them to your suppliers. Just a few clicks for the whole process, so you will have all the time to focus on your business.

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Purchase Orders Software

Advanced MOQ

If your products have variants like size and colors, you may be asked by your supplier to meet specific MOQ constraints when generating a purchase order.

Intuendi PO management system helps you with assortments and product groups, so you’ll get POs which will be approved by both suppliers and customers.

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Replenishment Constraints - Size and Color Assortment

Smart purchase order suggestions

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool which automatically generates a PO filled with the right inventory needs? And maybe even get suggested the quantity of items that you need for preventing out-of-stock and meeting your customers’ demand?

There’s good news for you: you finally found it!

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Smart Purchase Order Suggestions

Purchasing budget constraints

Working within limited purchasing budgets is common for companies of every size and industry.

Intuendi smart purchase order optimization can predict the expected revenue and margins coming from your next PO, by identifying the products you should purchase and simulating multiple budgeting scenarios.

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Budget Constraints - ROI scenarios

Automatically generated

Ask Intuendi to prepare complete POs for you, ready to be approved and sent to your suppliers. Your upcoming replenishments, grouped by warehouse and supplier, packaged into optimized purchase orders.

Ever dreamed of automated POs? Nice to meet you, I’m Intuendi.

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Automated Purchase Orders

Automate your Supply Chain Management

Intuendi purchase order management software with its fast and effortless inventory management workflows and the best AI technologies will help your business boost sales and margins and get all the customers you deserve.

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Purchase Order Management

The ultimate solution for purchase order management

Drive your business growth with Intuendi.