Inventory Replenishment Software

No more out of stock with Intuendi Demand Forecasting Software.

Have a look at your future demand and discover when to replenish your inventory.

Tell us about your inventory

Import all the information of your inventory in order to forecast your next replenishment actions.

Stock on hand. Your current level of stock.

Lead time. How many days are necessary for a replenishment action.

Service level. The probability of preventing out of stock during the lead time.

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Inventory Replenishment Informations

Discover when to reorder

How can you know when it’s time to reorder? Demand forecasting does it for you!

Generate demand and sales previsions for a single product. Basing on forecasts, our inventory planning engine will tell you when the reorder point will be reached.

Through a user-friendly UI, you are able to check when a replenishment decision should be taken.

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Forecasting Software generate forecast and replenishments

Insights on the next replenishment

An inventory panel will offer you a summary of the forecasted replenishment action. Not only a raw indication of the period in which it will occur but even an estimation of the date based on the forecast.

Find out also the reorder point based on your demand history, the lead time demand and the estimated safety stock level.

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Informations on the next replenishment

Prevent out of stocks. Discover when to replenish.

Boost your business with Intuendi.