Budget Optimization Software

Find the right balance between purchasing budgets and service levels and maximize the ROI of your inventory investment.

Never before seen ROI

A well-managed purchasing process allows your company to perform better in the short- and long-term.

Intuendi helps you achieve the highest return on your investment by selecting the most profitable products to replenish with your desired budget.

Grow your sales with profitable investments.

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Inventory Budget Optimization Software - Highest ROI

Plan with simulated scenarios

Intuendi advanced reordering technology can generate multiple scenarios with different purchasing budgets.

Set a budget, see your achievable ROI and find the right investment to drive your company growth.

Reaching your sales targets has never been so easy!

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Inventory Optimization Software - Overstock

Discover how your next PO will impact the bottom line, then adjust for success

Tell Intuendi your purchasing budget and get the information you always wanted to see before making your decision: the new service level for your products, the estimated revenue, the improved profit margins you can achieve with our optimized solutions.

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Inventory Budget Optimization Product List

Maximize the return of your inventory investment

Learn more about our budget optimization solution and grow your company with Intuendi.