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Statistical Forecasting

Statistical Forecasting: What Is It? The importance of an effective tool Statistical Forecasting is a set of analytical tools devoted to extracting available information in order to provide a forecast

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics: What Is It? And how can help to improve your strategies Predictive analytics combines the use of data, machine learning techniques and statistical algorithms to make predictions about

Lead Time

Lead Time Dealing with the lead time demand It’s monday morning and you have just placed an order of 300 boxes of your top selling product. Delivery is expected for

Inventory Forecasting

Inventory Forecasting Why is demand forecasting so important for your business? If you are reading this, we are sure you agree that demand forecasting is really important! But why is

Demand Forecasting for Manufacturing

Demand Forecasting for Manufacturing Why it is so important for your company! Overcoming the challenges of the manufacturing sector in today’s business environment and achieving profitability should be the goal

Demand Forecasting Software for Commerce

Demand Forecasting Software for Commerce Why your store needs it Have you ever imagined your online or retail store being capable of managing an increasing volatility of customer demand to